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    Thursday, November 5th, 2015
    8:17 pm
    Full name: Easter Bunnamundi
    Fandom: Rise of the Guardians
    Alias/Nickname: His friends call him East. If you value your life, don't call him Bunny.
    Character Journal:not_your_bunny
    Age/Date of Birth: 16, April 19,1999
    Blood: half-blood
    Year: 6th Year
    House: Hufflepuff
    Sexuality: Undecided
    Occupation: Student
    Played By: Raymond Ablack

    Appearance: 6'2" Easter has always been tall for his age. He has black hair and dark brown eyes, a lopsided grin, and dark skin of his aboriginal ancestors. He has these tattoos on each shoulder. The design was done by his grandfather who was a Ngangkari (a tribal shaman, healer, and keeper of the Dreamtime stories).

    Personality: Easter is a fun loving, friendly, creative, and laid back kid. And although he may appear grumpy around his best mate, Jack, in reality, it's all in fun. He and Jack have been irritating each other, competing with each other, bickering with each other from the day they met. Easter may pick on Jack, but if anyone else does, he'd be the first to defend his best mate.

  • Growing things. His favorite subject is herbology.
  • Art. He paints and draws and is rarely seen without a sketch book.
  • He would like to make his living as an artist, or a shaman like his granddad. Barring that, maybe a teacher or a healer. He's not sure yet, but his granddad told him that it was alright he would discover what he was supposed to be when he was supposed to discover it and not before.

  • Quidditch. He's terrible at it. Easter is an awkward flier at best and a disaster at worst. If there's a wall nearby he will slam into it. Unless he specifically tries to hit the wall.
  • Arithmacy. His least favorite subject.
  • Being totally isolated from his friends and family.

    History: Easter was born in Australia on Easter morning, April 19, 1999. His mum is a native aboriginal woman and his dad is a white. They were never married and that's why he uses his mum's maiden name, Bunnamundi. The family, including his granddad, emigrated to America when he was six years old and moved to Los Angeles California. Mum was trying to get into acting and his Dad is a movie producer. Granddad came along to teach Easter the ways of his people so that the boy never forgot from where he came.

    Easter showed an aptitude for Earth magic from a young age. He could call water from the dry earth and make things grow. His granddad initially trained him in the ways of their people. He speaks two indigenous languages. Their animistic magic would be considered primitive by most of the wizarding world, but he still practices it even as he is learning the traditional European style magic.

    During his childhood, he was pulled into his parents' world. Easter is a handsome kid and he made a few commercials and the occasional TV show. He didn't really like it though. He was very happy to escape the unreal world of LA and the entertainment business when the owl came from Hogwarts. It was his granddad that talked his parents into letting him go to the school. It would be good experience for him to learn new things that his granddad couldn't teach him since he was born walking in both worlds.

    He had difficulties in grade school because he didn't seem to fit in anywhere. Though his granddad taught him to see walking the line between two worlds as a gift, it was difficult for him being not entirely black or white, or entirely American or Australian, or Magical or Muggle. Occasionally, he got into fights because of it. All of that changed when he went to Hogwarts. While he doesn't entirely fit in there either, at least they understand what it is to be magical. There he made friends with lots of other kids who were like him in that they didn't seem to fit in anywhere but Hogwarts. In his first year there he met his best mate, Jack.

    On his entry into Hogwarts, Easter's 80 year old granddad decided to go walkabout. He headed off into the California desert. From there, who knows? He might even turn up in the Appalachian mountains one day to visit his grandson. Easter gets presents from him and cards in the mail. That way, he knows his granddad is all right. For his last birthday, Easter received a hand carved and painted Didgeridoo. He's still learning how to play it much to the chagrin of his dorm mates.

    Class Schedule:

    Couple of Random Facts:
    - His best subjects are herbology and CoMC. He has an affinity for plants and animals. Anything to do with the earth.
    - He has managed to tame the journal. Easter does write or sketch in it daily.
    - Easter loves parkour and practices whenever he can. He particularly likes to do it on the moving staircases of the school.

    First Person Journal Entry:

    Got a package from Granddad by owl yesterday. He sent me a prezzie. A beaut pair of boomerangs that he made for me himself. Granddad says he's somewhere in Oregon. He said I'd love it there. He's in some little town in the desert where just about everyone is an artist. Says he met a nice gal and may settle down there for a bit. I reckon that won't last too long though. Granddad has a hard time staying in one place for very long. I wrote him a thank you note and sent it off with an owl this morning. I can't wait to go out and practice with them.

    Third Person Role Playing Entry:

    The Fall days were starting to get colder and winter was swiftly creeping up on the castle. Days like this, Easter liked to stay in. He perched in a narrow window seat, his long legs up, feet placed firmly on the wall in front of him. It made his legs the perfect easel. The wall bore trainer prints from his previous drawing sessions. Pad was braced on his lap he watched his classmates in the Hufflepuff common room and started sketching.

    It wasn't long before the pad was populated with several sketches of his friends' facial expressions. The look of concentration on Sadie's face as she was doing her homework assignment. The curve of Steve's arm as he concentrated on flying a paper airplane around the common room. Steve was getting quite good at that. For today though, Easter was concentrating on hair. Aden's in particular. He was trying to get the unruly curls just right.

    A first year stopped by and watched a moment. "You're drawing us?"

    "For practice," he explained. Then he sat up, flipping to a clean page. "You want me to draw you? Sit down right there. You're gonna have to hold still for a bit." The graphite pencil made shushing sounds as it glided over the paper. In a matter of minutes, he'd drawn the first year's face, her round cheeks, the freckles splashed across her nose and the detail of the ribbon at the end of both of her long pigtails. Easter scrawled his signature in the bottom corner of the page and then pulled it off and gave it to her. It was fun watching her delight that the sketch looked just like her and the lanky sixteen year old couldn't help but smile.

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